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I created the "Life Changing Business in Africa Course," after realizing business in Africa is hard! But it's SO worth it! This 5 week express program includes daily videos and action sheets plus weekly calls with me! It's designed to help you start doing incredible business in Africa & land your 1st client ASAP.


I'm all in!

My 1:1 consulting program is designed for those who want to go off the beaten trail & need personal support to guide them.  I help people setup smart charities & find profitable investments in Africa. If you're looking for on-the-ground support that you can trust, setup a free, discovery call with me & let's get started!


meet Valerie

I live in Addis Ababa with my Ethiopian hubby, Alula, and together we invest & do business throughout the continent. We also help consult some of the biggest non-profits in the world including the World Bank, African Union, and GIZ. 

My love language is coffee. And when I'm not helping clients find their business solution in Africa, I'm spending time with my baby boy, Zion, and debating if I should order stirfry.

I’m Valerie Bowden- Africa enthusiast & business strategist! I’m here to kick your company into shape (with lots of fun and lots of adventure), so that you can start crushing it by sourcing the best products & services straight out of Africa. I mix in marketing strategy, savvy business tips, and tons of fun so that you can work with ah-mazing entrepreneurs in Africa. Get rid of the headache and confusion about Africa and let's make it easy for you to make more money & WOW your customers.

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I am here to make sure your business & investment in Africa is a total success!

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Ethiopian coffee

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It's still on my bucket list to visit!


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