It's time to find your business solution in Africa.. Don't worry... I've got a plan to show you how. 

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I often hear clients say that once their business gets better or they start to make more money, then they have "time to help Africa." But if you're struggling with not standing out in the marketplace, a competitor who won't stop copying you, not making enough profit margin, or needing something unique that will blow away your audience then the solution is Africa. 
There are amazing companies and entrepreneurs in Africa who are able to offer you the products, services, and discount you need to start crushing it in business. 
It provides real help and value for you that you can't find anywhere else. And it also creates jobs in Africa which in turn reduces poverty, malnutrition, and sends kids to school. It's a WIN WIN for everyone. 

The Solution is Africa.

do you want to make money & make a difference?

to connect to your customers? Have a business that has a heart and soul? To be a bit more brave & adventurous?

do you want...

tired of not standing out in the market?  Feeling depressed, not engaged in a meaningful way around you?

are you...

that there isn't enough profits at the end of the month? That after all your hard work, you should have more money?

do you find...

who is this for?


"from business strategy to connecting me to the right company, valerie has helped me do it."

step three

During our time together, we will move actively foward in meeting your objectives. We will also regular calls to check in and ensure progress is being made. But if something comes up, you can reach me anytime. By text, phone call, or email, my goal is to serve you and that means being available to you and ensuring that your business is thriving by finding the right African solution.


step two

Ready to have an actual African Business Plan? Yes, this is a thing and it WORKS! If we decide to work together, we'll move through my 5 step, proven process for doing business in Africa in a way that meets your specific goals. We will outline your target goals, your crucial time deadlines, and move forward in achieving success for your organization in Africa. 

Business plan

step one

Our first initial, 'discovery,' call helps me understand your needs and strategize where you want to be versus where you are now.  That helps me understand if and how I can assist you. This call is all about YOU! It's a no obligation, no pressure conversation to see if I can help you or if I know someone who can. Oh, and did I mention this call is totally FREE?

intial call

How my program works:

daily cups of coffee


Number of years in Africa


African countries visited


number of happy clients


i'm ready for this.

a successful project & work in Africa that meets your needs!

you'll leave with:

That's how much the average customer saves by doing business in Africa.


Weekly calls 

A strategic Business in Africa plan 

Personal connections to the companies I trust

My 24/7 support until the job is done!


signature consultancy 

— Johan T.

"Valerie's philosophy completely changed everything. Very valuable information."

— Barbara S.

"I'm getting more and more excited about Africa. I feel so lucky to be working with Valerie."

— Heinz S.

"Africa has been a game changer for me. Valerie made it super easy and simple. I highly recommend her!"


5 stars all around

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