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Yes, I regularly give interviews to the media on different topics regarding Africa, and love a chance to share on blogs and podcast. Please email me to set something up!

Are you available for interviews, guest blogging, media, etc.?

Yes! I receive regular requests to speak at different events and for different kinds of groups. I book out anywhere between 1-3 months in advance. Definitely don't wait to contact me!

Are you available for  events, presentations, etc.?

Yes! I work with all kinds of companies and organizations to specifically help setup their particular need-- whether that's filming an episode, a special investment, or a charity project. 

do you offer one-on-one consulting?

I get questions like this all the time, & I'm happy to help! Check out my African Business Course to find a reference guide on all the companies I trust or work with me personally for bespoke help!

Where can I find ______ in Africa?

Each country has strengths & challenges. I help clients setup projects in the country which best suits their industry. It's also imperative to focus on the investment laws & regulations per each country.

Which african countries do you recommend the most?

I specialize in agribusiness, tech, and tourism. However, if I don't know your industry well enough to help you, I can probably connect you to someone who can!

what industries do you work in?

I am based in Addis Ababa. Although I travel often for work to other African countries. At least once a year, I try to visit my family in USA and my sister who lives in the Netherlands. 

where are you located?

I started as a volunteer in Ethiopia in 2010. My second trip to Africa was when I backpacked from Cape Town to Cairo. In 2014, I relocated to Addis Ababa, and entered the business world.

how did you get started in Africa?

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