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You've probably heard of all the amazing business opportunities in Africa. But it's not as simple as it sounds. Making money in Africa can be hard, time-consuming, and it's not guaranteed to be profitable. 

I spent the first 5 years in Africa exhausted. Taking public buses everywhere. Watching other people succeed, but not me. 

Then finally I figured it out. And I started actually making the money I wanted and the impact. 

Whether you want to move to Africa or simply want to start sourcing amazing products and services from Africa, this course is for you. 

At the end of this 5 week program, you will be doing business in Africa. Business that makes you money and creates your legacy. 

Time to start great things!

want to make impact & profit? then this Program is for you.

— Charlie K.

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Knowing that you have actually made a difference in someone's life and helped change the negative stereotypes about Africa. 

Talking to someone who loves Africa as much as you do-- understands how it's calling your name.

Earning an amount of money that almost knocks you over! Being able to buy what you want, save, invest, and live a full life.

Moving to Africa (or at least having a good excuse to travel to African whenever you want)

Just imagine...

You know the benefits of doing business in emerging countries, but don't know how to get started.

You want to invest or do business in Africa, but want to save time & money by learning the quickest best way to start

You have a business that could source products from Africa, but you don't know where or who in Africa has what you need

You want to STAND OUT in the market & do something that will connect with your customers on the heart level

You believe in 'concious capitalism' and want to make money & increase profit marigins while also making a difference.

You want a meaningful life. You feel drawn to Africa and want to do something that matters.

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Only $297

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